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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Upcoming live dates (Season of Mist August news)



21 Aug 07 Copenhagen (DK) The Rock
24 Aug 07 Bergen (NO) Hole In The Sky festival
25 Aug 07 Stavanger (NO) Folken
30 Aug 07 Tel Aviv (IL) Distortion Festival
05 Oct 07 Notodden (NO) Motstoy Festival
07 Dec 07 London (UK) TBA
08 Dec 07 Paris (FR) TBA
09 Dec 07 Strasbourg (FR) TBA
10 Dec 07 Pratteln (CH) TBA
11 Dec 07 Milan (IT) TBA
12 Dec 07 Munich (DE) TBA
13 Dec 07 Prague (CZ) TBA
14 Dec 07 Vienna (AT) TBA
15 Dec 07 Engelsdorf (DE) TBA
16 Dec 07 Frankfurt (DE) TBA
17 Dec 07 Berlin (DE) TBA
18 Dec 07 Hamburg (DE) TBA
19 Dec 07 Stuttgart (DE) TBA
20 Dec 07 Essen (DE) TBA
21 Dec 07 Tilburg (NL) TBA
22 Dec 07 Waregem (BE)

24 Aug 07 Bergen (NO) Hole In The Sky festival
20 Oct 07 Leeds (UK) Damnation Festival

25 Aug 07 Reykjavík (IS) Gaukur á Stöng
26 Aug 07 Reykjavík (IS) Gaukur á Stöng
31 Aug 07 Vilnus (LT) Mulen Ruzas
01 Sep 07 Riga (LV) Melna Piektdiena
02 Sep 07 Tallin (EE) Nomme Cult
03 Sep 07 Tampere (FI) Hella
04 Sep 07 Turku (FI) Klubi
05 Sep 07 Helsinki (FI) Nosturi
06 Sep 07 Kuopio (FI) Henry's Pub
07 Sep 07 Oulu (FI) TBA
08 Sep 07 Umea (SE) Midnight
09 Sep 07 (SE) TBA
10 Sep 07 Oslo (NO) Maiden
11 Sep 07 Göteborg (SE) Belsepub
12 Sep 07 Kiel (DE) Pumpe
13 Sep 07 Hannover (DE) Headbanger Ballroom
14 Sep 07 Berlin (DE) K17
16 Sep 07 St-Petersburg (RU) Orlandina
18 Sep 07 Ufa (RU) Ogni Ufy
19 Sep 07 Ekaterinburg (RU) TBA
20 Sep 07 Magnitogorsk (RU) DK Ordzhonikidze
21 Sep 07 Samara (RU) Strokovski Park
22 Sep 07 Moscow (RU) Tochka
23 Sep 07 TBA (BY) TBA
27 Sep 07 Warszawa (PL) Progresja
28 Sep 07 TBA (PL) TBA
29 Sep 07 Elk (PL) Centrum Kultury
30 Sep 07 Olsztyn (PL) Secesja
01 Oct 07 Gdynia (PL) Ucho
02 Oct 07 Bydgoszcz (PL) Vanila Club
03 Oct 07 Poznan (PL) TBA
04 Oct 07 Zielona Góra (PL) TBA
05 Oct 07 Lubin (PL) CK Muza
06 Oct 07 Zabrze (PL) Wiatrak
07 Oct 07 Bielsko-Biala (PL) Rudeboy
08 Oct 07 Rzeszów (Pl) Rotunda
09 Oct 07 Kraków (PL) Pod Palma
10 Oct 07 Lodz (PL) Funaberia
19 Oct 07 Irakleion (GR) TBA
20 Oct 07 Hania (GR) TBA
09 Nov 07 Kalamata (GR) TBA
10 Nov 07 Patra (GR) Stone Bar
11 Nov 07 Ioannena (GR) Space
03 Nov 07 Lamia (GR) TBA
04 Nov 07 Larisa (GR) Mylos 1927
20 Nov 07 Montreal (CA) TBA
21 Nov 07 Quebec (CA) TBA
22 Nov 07 Trois-rivière (CA) Le Maquisart
23 Nov 07 St-Hyacithe (CA) Bar le Trash
24 Nov 07 Rouyn (CA) Petit théatre du vieux Noranda
25 Nov 07 Sudbury (CA) Jubilee Center
26 Nov 07 Toronto (CA) TBA
27 Nov 07 Ottawa (CA) TBA
08 Dec 07 Athens (GR) Gagarin
09 Dec 07 Alexandroupolis (GR) Domus club
15 Dec 07 Thessaloniki (GR) Ydrogeios
16 Dec 07 Kavala (GR) Jazz Rock Bar

02 Sep 07 Darrington, WA (USA) Power Box Festival
06 Oct 07 Baarloo (NL) Sjiwa - Progpower

08 Sep 07 (BE) Wasmuel Fest
28 Sep 07 Marseille (FR) Espace Julien - Kaos Fest
20 Oct 07 Mulhouse (FR) Fest Nouma-Core 3
02 Nov 07 Saint Bauzille De Putois (34) (FR) S.D.F.

15 Sep 07 Sneek (NL) Bolwerk
07 Dec 07 Rotterdam (NL) Waterfront
14 Dec 07 Tilburg (NL) 013
15 Dec 07 Vlissingen (NL) De Piek
22 Dec 07 Hoorn (NL) Manifesto

29 Sep 07 Marseille (FR) Espace Julien - Chaos Fest

06 Oct 07 Hussigny (FR) Salle L. Aragon

WATAIN (+ Impiety)
11 Oct 07 Dortmund (DE) Das Zentrum
12 Oct 07 Arnhem (NL) Ghoudvishal
13 Oct 07 London (UK) TBA
14 Oct 07 Gent (BE) Frontline
15 Oct 07 Rennes (FR) TBA
18 Oct 07 Milan (IT) Transilvania Live
19 Oct 07 Padova (IT) Country Star
20 Oct 07 Salzburg (AT) TBA
21 Oct 07 Ljubljana (SI) Orto Bar
23 Oct 07 Budapest (HU) Blue Hell
24 Oct 07 Katowice (PL) Mega Club
25 Oct 07 Zielona Gora (PL) TBA
26 Oct 07 Berlin (GER) K17
27 Oct 07 Bitterfeld (DE) Festung
28 Oct 07 Nurnberg (DE) Z-Bau

20 Oct 07 Paris (FR) Le Nouveau Casino
27 Oct 07 Montereau (FR) Scream For Me Festival (+ Dornfall + Darknation + Hysteresy)
02 Nov 07 Porto (PT) Blà Blà
03 Nov 07 Lisbon (PT) Music Box
24 Nov 07 Lyon (FR) CCO Villeurbanne
28 Nov 07 Utrecht (NL) Tivoli De Helling
29 Nov 07 Tilburg (NL) 013 (+ Autumn)
02 Dec 07 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
03 Dec 07 Reichenbach (DE) Bergkeller (+ Dead Soul Tribe)
04 Dec 07 Hamburg (DE) Marx (+ Dead Soul Tribe)
05 Dec 07 Köln (DE) Underground (+ Dead Soul Tribe)
06 Dec 07 Aschaffenburg (DE) Colos-Saal (+ Dead Soul Tribe)
07 Dec 07 Karlsruhe (DE) Substage (+ Dead Soul Tribe)
08 Dec 07 Weert (NL) De Bosuil (+ Dead Soul Tribe)
09 Dec 07 Pratteln (CH) Z7 (+ Dead Soul Tribe)
12 Dec 07 Strasbourg (FR) La Laiterie (+ Distress)
14 Dec 07 Marseille (FR) Le Poste à Galène (+ Blazing War Machine)
21 Dec 07 Bègles (FR) BT 59 (+ Warattah + Olympos Mons)

02 Nov 07 Arnhem (NL) Goudvishal (+ Forgotten Tomb + Bunkur)
03 Nov 07 Oostrozebeke (BE) JH 'T Ipperste (+ Serpent Cult + Centurions Ghost)
04 Nov 07 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg - Dutch Doom Day (+ Pagan Altar + Serpent Cult + Indesinence + Malasangra + Helevorn + AKELEI)

New and Upcoming News (Season of Mist August News)

NEW and UPCOMING releases


Current release: "Slaying the Life"
Release date: Out, US Oct. 2nd
MP3 - Slaying the Life - Storm of the Beast


Upcoming release: "Guided by Fire" (digipak + booklet)
Release date: Sept. 17th, US Sept. 25th
MP3 - Guided By Fire - Rails At The River


Upcoming release: "The Water Fields" (hardcoverbook + 20 page booklet)
Release date: Sept. 17th, US Sept. 25th
MP3 - The water fields - Dive

Watain on European Crusade (Season of Mist August News)

Aug 21th, 2007


Current release: "Sworn to the Dark" (3 panel digipak + 16 page booklet)
MP3 - Sworn to the Dark - Sworn To The Dark

It is now official, WATAIN will head out on a full-scale European crusade in October - the Storm of the Antichrist tour - alongside the ancient Asian warbeast IMPIETY. This will be WATAIN's first headliner tour in Europe, following the April release of the highly acclaimed "Sworn to the Dark". Tourdates hereunder.

"From the vaults below the desert-temple, to the throne among the stars... Sweden's Black Metal Magicians have been burning and pillaging their way through the Black Metal scene ever since their cursed birth. Notoriously infamous for their blood-soaked, fiery live-perfomances and morbid ways, WATAIN have many times been refered to as "the new usurpers of the Black Metal throne". Their third album "Sworn to the Dark" was released in early 2007 and was welcomed worldwide as one of the most important releases of the genre in years. After having toured the world with bands like DISSECTION, CELTIC FROST and ANGELCORPSE, it is now time for WATAIN's first headliner tour in Europe. Beware... The werewolves of Satan have been unleashed!"

Ava Inferi Reveals (Season of Mist August)

Aug 21th, 2007


Upcoming release: "The Silhouette" (digipak + 16 page booklet)
Release date: Oct. 15th, US Oct. 23rd
MP3 - The Silouhette - Pulse of the Earth

Season of Mist release the upcoming track AVA INFERI "Pulse of the Earth" on the internet (taken from upcoming album "The Silhouette").

AVA INFERI reveals "The first version of this song had a totally different character. The overall feeling is probably the same but the rhythmic structure was completely different. It had an almost floating, ambient kind of vibe to it and was generally more avant-garde than what it turned out to be. We feel that the new version has all the elements that makes AVA INFERI something different, and it's also one of the most powerful songs we have composed up to this point in our career. A true and powerful declaration.

The lyrics on "Pulse of the Earth" are strongly influenced by nature and the forces therein, and furthermore, they paint a vision of the interactions between man and nature. Note that "The Silhouette" in itself is partly devoted to the elemental aspects of our world and that this song represents the earth element, if any doubt...

On this particular song we also use different types of rhythmic or native (diverse) instruments to recreate and achieve a kind of ritualistic feeling. To bring out the message and its essence to the fullest. We also believe that every song presented on "The Silhouette" has its own strength and mission. That each song has its own peculiar twist. An album full of surprises!"

"The Silhouette" will be in stores on Oct 15th and Oct 23rd for the US.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

The Destiny Program - New song at myspace (Nuclear Blast August)

Listen to Project Hoax @ Myspace! Beside two songs of the 2004 album "The Tracy Chapter" you can now listen to the brand-new track "Project Hoax" on the band's myspace site. This great piece of music will be released on DESTINY PROGRAM's metalcore killer album "Subversive Blueprint" on September 21st. So, don't hesitate and listen, make a note of it and get it!

Darkane - Singer Quits (Nuclear Blast August)

Darkane have posted the following statements on their homepage: "The time has come, my friends for me to step down from my position as vocalist of the greatest band in the world! I feel I’ve reached a stand still in the creative process with Darkane and together we came to the decision to let fresh blood into the band for the upcoming fifth album. Darkane is constantly evolving and I’m sure that this ignition will be great for the band. We certainly part ways as very good friends and we’re in fact still working together on finishing the long awaited DVD. Hopefully the Darkane "Layers of Live" DVD will be released this autumn and, in a way, sum up my 7 years with Darkane and be the perfect closure. I feel very honoured and privileged to have been a part of such a great musicianship as Darkane and I have tons of great memories from all we’ve experienced together. I’m really gonna miss it! I want to send out a great big thanks to all the people I’ve met and gotten to know over these 7 years! To all family and friends for supporting me and the band. To all the great bands we’ve met, played and toured with, especially to Devin Townsend (I wouldn’t have made it through the U.S. without you!). To all the crew that has helped us out over the years. To Erin Lynch for believing in us and coping with all our bad habits, misshapes, accidents and illnesses (You sure are the Darkane tour mama!). To the Nuclear Blast crew, in Europe as well as in the USA (Thanks for helping me fulfil one of my biggest dreams, Gerardo! Keep working those vocals, Loana, and keep your enthusiasm flowing!). To all the fanzine’s that spread the word about Metal all over the world. Your work is extremely important and appreciated! And finally a HUGE thanks to all the fans all over the world for coming to the shows and supporting Darkane! You are my, and Darkane's, true inspiration! See ya! /Andreas. Thank you!"
We can look back at seven great years together with Andreas. He joined us as a stand in for Lawrence on a small tour with SOILWORK and NAGLFAR in March 1999. After the first show of the tour it was clear that he was the guy we were looking for! Since then Andreas has sung on three albums and participated on tours with Darkane in Europe, US, Japan and Israel. We have had a lot of fun together and Andreas has always been the helpful, happy and friendly guy in the band. We sure are gonna miss you, and we know that you´ll reach a lot of success with whatever you do in the future! We would like to wish you all the happiness and success and thanks a lot for being a part of Darkane! With love! (not in that way =)…) Christofer, Peter, Klas and Jörgen! News about an upcoming vocalist will come soon…"

Chimaira - European tour cancelled! (Nuclear Blast August)

Cleveland's CHIMAIRA have issued the following official statement: "As you may or may not know, we have decided to cancel our upcoming U.K./European run. There's really no way for us to describe our sorrow after having decided to pull out of the Eastpak Antidote tour. It was an extremely difficult decision for us to make, and one that we have been painfully mulling over for weeks now. We'd first like to apologize to all of our die-hard fans, and then to all the great guys (and girl) in SOILWORK, CALIBAN and SONIC SYNDICATE. After nine years and more than 700 shows, we can proudly say that we've cancelled a little more than a handful. Our motto has always been that somebody's got to be either sick or dead before we pull the plug. However, this time that is not the case. No one is sick, no one is dead, and not one of us is even tired. In fact, it's the exact opposite... All six of us are on fire with creativity. And if we don't take some time to let it flow, it could possibly go away. As a lot of you know, the last record brought a lot of unity and excitement back to our band. Our brotherhood is stronger than ever, and we've finally 're-focused.' We need to get back into the rehearsal space and explore some of the song ideas we've got going on right now. This record cycle is certainly not over for us, and we still plan on touring heavily in support of 'Resurrection' throughout the winter, and throughout 2008. We're also not 'writing and recording' a new record right now, so don't get that idea... (maybe an EP??). We've just decided that we need to spend the next three months laying down some material that is flowing through us uncontrollably. We've looked at this decision from every angle, and the last thing we'd ever want to do is disappoint our loyal fans. But as painful as it was, we all agreed that this decision was best for CHIMAIRA's 'Big Picture.' So please be hopeful, like we are, that this decision will benefit us all in so many ways. After all, you've got to strike while the iron's hot. So fear not Chimairians..... we've got a ton of great ideas in mind for the future. Our winter U.S. headlining tour will be some of our best shows to date and you'll see a fire in us like you've never seen before. Plus everyone is going to start hearing a lot of the songs that you've been asking for. And we definitely plan on bringing the same passion overseas sometime in early 2008. We've got some killer ideas on the table, we're shooting a new video, and frickin' Andols is back! Finally, our sincerest hopes that you will all understand and forgive. And we promise to make it up to you all in one way or the other." Swedish melodic death metallers DARK TRANQUILLITY have now officially confirmed their participation in the Eastpak Antidote tour to replace CHIMAIRA.

Exodus - Promise a genre-defining new album (Nuclear Blast August)

Gary Singh of recently conducted an interview with EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt. A few excerpts from the chat follow: On whether EXODUS' first album, "Bonded by Blood", will be in a car commercial someday: "Hell, 'Deathamphetamine' from our last album was used in a K&N air filters commercial, so we're halfway there. But the next [album] is as sick and dark as anything done before, and we'll continue doing just that as long as I'm enjoying myself." On EXODUS going through a new rebirth: "Look at our last two records. They are amazing slabs of metal, and when you hear the new one, you'll realize that very few bands are able to put out back-to-back to back releases with the fire and intensity of ours. The new album is a genre-defining moment for us and thrash in general, and we as a band feel more inspired and motivated than any time before." On EXODUS' early live shows: "Everyone had a good time, even if they were bleeding. "It's really hard to explain what it was like to people who weren't there. There was a sense of community going on, everybody supported each other and went to each other's shows, when we weren't playing together, that is. It was pretty nuts though. You had [Paul] Baloff and myself tormenting the poseurs [glam metal bands]; general mayhem was the norm, especially at EXODUS shows. It was pretty much a well-known fact that our shows were the most violent you could find anywhere." "ANTHRAX played after us at the Kabuki theatre and they were heckled — something awful. And this is ANTHRAX, not some glam band. But it felt pretty damn great to know you were creating something new."On touring Europe and playing small clubs in the U.S.: " Let's be real. In the States we have to play smaller clubs out of necessity. Bigger markets mean bigger venues, but as long as we have a sweaty packed house, all's well in the world. Turkey was insane, and we've been to a lot of places over the last year or so that we've never been to, like Bangkok, and those shows were amazing. But we haven't played San Jose in a long time, since the old Cactus Club, I think, so this [upcoming show on August 10] should be nuts.

NIGHTWISH -DVD goes Gold in Switzerland!

The latest NIGHTWISH DVD "End Of An Era" has achieved gold status in Switzerland. For 3.000 sold copies of the live DVD in Switzerland, the band can put another gold record on the wall, which anyway is quite full of precious metal discs. NIGHTWISH's new bombast album, "Dark Passion Play", the first one with new front-woman and singer Anette Olzon, is scheduled for September 28th via Nuclear Blast Records. Check out the cover artwork at THIS location. Yet, the "Amaranth" single will precede the album on August 24th. One week later in addition to that, there will be a second version of the single with more bonus songs.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Duskfall (Offical site and Nuclear blast August 2007 news)


2007-07-29 - Here is the cover for "The Dying Wonders Of The World". We can still not give you guys an exact releasedate but Nuclear Blast will reveal their releaseshedule really soon. Then we all will know so please be patient! / DF crew.

2007-06-30 - Here is the tracklist for the upcoming CD, "The Dying Wonders Of The World".


The CD is currently being mastered by Achim Köhler @ Indiscreet Audio in Germany. After he is done we can give you the releasedate for this beast! / DF crew.


Swedish metallers THE DUSKFALL have unveiled the cover artwork for their fourth CD, entitled "The Dying Wonders of the World". Check it out at this location. Due this fall via Nuclear Blast Records, the new album, just like the last one, was recorded at Uppsala, Sweden's Dug-Out Studios (drums, vocals and the mix) by Daniel Bergstrand (IN FLAMES, MESHUGGAH, DEFLESHED, DARK FUNERAL, BEHEMOTH, SOILWORK) and Promile Studios (guitars and bass) by Michael Hahne. The CD was mastered by Achim Köhler at Indiscreet Audio in Germany. Check the tracklist below! A five-minute "teaser soundclip" containing parts of four different songs from the upcoming record has been posted online at thishere. THE DUSKFALLTHE DUSKFALL in July 2006 to focus on his main band, RAISED FIST. location. Video footage from the recording studio can be viewed right last year announced the addition of bassist Matte Järnil (ex-21ST IMPACT) to the group's ranks. Järnil replaces former member Marco Eronen, who left

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